Register with a one-time exclusive merchant referral code and scan to pay with GCash QR for the first time at the exclusive merchant and enjoy a cashback! Valid for new GCash users only that have yet to register to GCash.

In order to claim the additional exclusive cashback, the customer must transact via GCash QR in the exclusive merchant within the allotted validity date for that specific Merchant Referral Code.

Exclusive merchants will have their own exclusive Merchant Referral Code.

Open to all new GCash users who will be registering with the exclusive Merchant Referral Code via GCash Scan to Pay. Not yet a GCash subscriber? Register to GCash now by downloading the GCash App or by dialing *143#, select GCash and register.

P20.00 GCash will be received through the customer’s GCash wallet within 3-5 working days.

Additional exclusive cashback will be credited to the customer’s GCash wallet within 3-5 working days after the transaction as long as the transaction done in the exclusive merchant is done within the corresponding validity period.

Each exclusive merchant referral code has a corresponding cashback amount.

Each exclusive merchant referral code has a corresponding minimum spend in the exclusive merchant.

No, this promo cannot coincide with other GCash promotions.

    1. Download the GCash App on your smartphone and sign up, or update the GCash App to the latest version and login.
    2. Click “Pay QR” on the dashboard, then click “Scan QR Code” to access the QR scanner. You can also swipe left from the dashboard to access the scanner immediately.
    3. Scan the participating merchant’s QR code during payment.
    4. Input the amount to be paid as stated by the cashier.
    5. Confirm the payment details of the transaction.
    6. Upon success of payment, an sms will be received by the customer and the cashier indicating that payment has been done.